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We’re a team of consultants, architects and developers coming from a variety of enterprise backgrounds. We're experts in tech for digital sales and marketing. This is our story.
Ondrej met Pavel Suta during a global marketing automation rollout project for a large enterprise. Pavel led the delivery team on the vendor side and Ondrej was one of his customers. Cooperation between them went really smoothly. Later, Ondrej had the idea of setting up a company to deliver in the field of CX and, naturally, Pavel was the first guy to go to. When they agreed, they contacted Pavel Raboch, who was always the go to person when facing the most complex technical issues. Pavel Raboch agreed to play the role of the CTO and Brighten Digital was established.


Ondrej Skrehota

Managing Partner, Strategy

Before Brighten, Ondrej brought many solutions to the market – he’s particularly proud of a global rollout of Marketing Automation for a company in the top one hundred of Fortune 500 as well as a cloud-based solution using prescriptive analytics for AdWords optimisation (this tool won the Drum Award in the UK for the best use of data).

Ondrej started his career in IT, but, over time, moved to marketing and business. He has a passion for starting new things and building teams – so far he has hired over 100 great professionals.

At Brighten Digital, Ondrej is responsible for leading Sales and Consulting and defining the company’s strategy.

Pavel Suta

Managing Partner, Operations

Pavel started his amazing career in the time of green screen applications and has gone through project delivery in all the key industries. The scale of projects grew over time – from a one-man show to large international projects with more than 100 people involved and a yearly budget in excess of $6M. Over the last three years, Pavel became passionate about cloud-based solutions in the field of Customer Experience.
At Brighten Digital, Pavel leads the Delivery team and Operations and makes sure you get perfect treatment.

Pavel Raboch

Managing Partner, Technology

Pavel is professionally-based on a strong technological foundation, one he has been building since the early years of his life, and his ability to communicate with business. He started his career on the Oracle product platform and, over time, extended his knowledge with many different topics – from assembler to cloud-based enterprise architecture delivered for a top telco company in the region.

At Brighten Digital, Pavel leads the technology team and is well-known for the ability to bring elegant solutions to complex problem in just a  couple of hours


At this point of time, we have a team of more than 50 people in Prague, comprising of consultants, architects, analysts and lead developers. We also have an offshore outsourced team of 10 or more developers and testers in India, giving us a great flexibility. More than half of our people have  past experience as consultants, architects or managers in the Big 5. We operate mainly out of Prague, Czech Republic, but deliver worldwide – our top global project was delivered to four continents and 64 markets, many of which our colleagues visited in person. 


Hopefully you either want to work with Brighten – then check how can we help – or you want to work for Brighten – then careers page will give all the information you need. And in both cases, you should definitely stay in touch – we publish our thoughts and views on our LinkedIn profile.