CIAM Insights - Blog Series

We love the topic of Customer Identity & Access Management, because we believe it's one of the most complex topics to handle. You need to understand Business, IT, Security, Regulations and IT Architecture to make it.

Interested in finding out What is CIAM? How to avoid most common pitfalls when implementing CIAM? Check out our content.

The magic of customer data transparency powered by CIAM

In our third blog post on CIAM, we’ll discuss transparency. Because it matters. You need to be absolutely transparent with your customers about how you handle their data to gain their trust. Trust translates into consent, subscriptions and purchases. To make it hands-on, I’ll share our simple rules to help you with transparency. We’ll explain which role CIAM plays in handling your customer data transparently.

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How can you benefit from CIAM?

Here comes the second blog post on CIAM. It explains the benefits CIAM brings to your business. CIAM speeds up your digital transformation, decreases costs, improves customer experience, enriches your data on customers, and resolves consent management in the best possible way.

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What is CIAM

This blog post is the first one of six that we are using to educate our network about CIAM. It explains the basic difference between IAM and CIAM, and summarizes the key areas which CIAM implementation can address within your organization.

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