We at Brighten focus on delivering the best possible Customer Experience to our clients and to their customers. Our people are essential at succeeding in this mission. We know it.



We understand company culture as the glue that keeps people together and ensures the same good experience to employees and clients no matter the size of the company, especially when growing aggressively. We care greatly about culture setup. We focus on open, honest and direct communication because this is how you achieve top results and productivity. We focus on respect because, without it, diversity is just a buzzword: direct communication can become rude and freedom could turn into anarchy. We want our colleagues to be happy at work. We believe that, in order to achieve this, we have to focus on freedom, personal development, the best technologies and rapid growth.


We will respect your ways of delivering things as long as you deliver and respect others. Just to illustrate our culture: We had no problem with HO long before it became the norm. On the other hand, you can meet many people in the office because they enjoy being there and we have lots of fun working together.


We expect you to grow and evolve. We will give you trainings and certifications, but we expect you to be in the driving seat and that you will proactively ask for more. But it’s not just training that will help you grow – it’s mainly because of what our senior people will share with you. You will meet the most senior architects and consultants around. And they are here not just because we know they can deliver, but also because they are willing and want to share.


We work with the leading technologies. Those are not always easy to access – you can’t just login to Oracle Responsys or SAP Marketing Cloud to play around with them. Unless you’re at Brighten. 
We share our knowledge, produce documents and share feedback through Confluence and we are coordinated through Jira.


We are growing very quickly and we are hungry for the best people around to make the growth sustainable.  We will make sure you’re happy and grow quickly together with us as you deliver and gain experience and knowledge.

We also understand that in certain phases of our lives, we want to slow down or just get into a position that makes us happy – if you’re happy to be where you are and want to keep that, we won’t push you – that’s freedom and respect applied.


If you like what we do and see your self as a fit, check our positions.